Trip Planning

Many things go into planning a multi-day paddle. You may have questions about food, what to bring, outfitters, and more. If your questions are not answered from the tabs on the left, please call 715 483 3300 or email

A Day in the Life of the Namekagon Paddle:

8:30am → Our fearless leaders share the daily schedule, forecast and river conditions

10:00am → Ya better be on the water!

Paddle at your own pace throughout the day and enjoy a daily education program on the river

2:00-3:00pm → Off the water and free time for napping, reading, playing cards or taking a swim

5:00-6:00pm → Dinner! Most days of the paddle it is included and delicious!

7:00pm → Evening education program

8:00pm → Free Time; turn it in early or socialize with your new paddle pals

Top 5 Tips for Nam Newbies:

5. Spend a little time each day getting organized for the following day.

4. Bring earplugs for sleeping; a few of our campsites are close to a road.

3. Choose a kayak for your Namekagon adventure. 10 – 12’ kayaks navigate the Namekagon best with its varying water levels and widths.

2. Be part of the Namekagon Paddle community. There is always a great mix of returning and new paddlers each year. Make friends and have a great time!

1. Our number one tip for Nam Newbies is to leave your worries at home. Refresh your mind and spirit with a week on the wild and scenic Namekagon River!


What one item did you bring that was indispensable (or wished you had brought) that wasn’t on the “pack” list?


A separate dry bag for my tent rain fly. You never put it away dry

Waterproof bags for the gear that went on the trucks as having wet camping gear was a downer

Drawing/painting supplies

Synthetic cloth for drying tents before folding.

I used a couple of those hand warmers that you activate by shaking inside the end of my sleeping bag on that last night at Howell and my feet were toasty warm.

Tarp with poles so I could sit outside the tent if the weather wasn’t perfect.

A real pillow

Dry bags for the truck items

Wide brimmed hat for sun protection

Wish I would have had an inflatable pillow

Waterproof point/shoot camera

Warm clothes-stocking hat, nano puff down coat

Wished for – Pringles!

Hammer (for tent pegs)

Indispensable-beef jerky!

2 large water bottles for the day,  never dehydrated

Long underwear

Download the Paddle Gear List